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True Story about B-Mary2016

True Story about B-Mary!

Good afternoon my dears, welcome to another scary story for Halloween. This is yet another of the famous B-Mary story in which some have had no bad experiences and others have had the most horrible nightmares kind. This is the experience of a girl named Nicole, that didn’t believe but then it turned out very, very terrifying and a true experience for her as bloody Mary goes. In her mind, she is very real!! This is her story:

This is a true story by Nicole. It’s about –B-Mary! One night when her parents were away, her older brother had dared her to do the ritual and summon B-Mary spirit you could say. She didn’t believe in all that superstition so she decided to do it thinking it would be a good laugh afterwards. And boy did she have a big surprise, afterward. She went into the bathroom alone, turned off all the lights and started the ritual. Which is if you don’t know is as follows; You turn around seven times while saying B-Mary on each turn. Then you stop, you face the mirror and wait in silence-in the dark for something to happen. Well, in Nicole case she was just about to leave when she heard a woman singing. So, she slowly started to turn back at the mirror and she saw her. She had long, dark brown hair that was soaked in blood. Her neck looked like someone had just slit her throat. I screamed. When her brother started banging on the bathroom door and turning the lock, the woman in the mirror became angry. She was smiling before but now she was frowning and reached out through the bathroom mirror with one of her bloody arms. As she did this her arm slapped & scratched her on the right side of her face. She felt her nails strike so hard that she was knocked to the floor, at a force that her head slammed against the side of the bathtub and was knocked unconscious. When Nicole woke-up she was in the hospital with bandages across the right side of her face. Her brother was whispering apologies in her ear that she could barely understand. Her parents were also there too. As soon as he had opened her eyes her family rushed to her side. She later discovered that her brother had told a story to cover the true story; that one of my many cats had scratched me and I had fallen. I’ve been scratched by my own cats before so their parents believe the story…On that same night, her brother had gotten a call from their Aunty. It would seem that their Uncle had died in the same hour that Nicole was attacked! In Nicole’s mind, she believes in her heart that even though it could have been a horrible coincidence, however she truly believes that B-Mary killed her Uncle that she loved very much. She has read many stories about the myth and also people who had personal experiences with B-Mary. She found in all those stories, that she [B-Mary] will attack only you and not your loved ones. It’s not true, she truly believes she killed her uncle! The attack was a year ago and to this day and she still cannot see out of her right eye and that side of her face is stuck in a permanent scream. No one should every try to summon B-Mary who had ruined her life. As Nicole, would say! Please read this and take it seriously …DO NOT SUMMON THE EVIL ENITY! I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE! BELIEVE THAT I AM NOT TELLING A LIE. BY NICOLE….


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Spirit within the Computer-

Spirit within the Computer-
Fatal frame Ghost Game for halloween
In the spirit of Halloween my dears I thought I would find a few creepy & scary stories
for Halloween. Its only a few days away... Hehehe.. In this story Its about how a young boy who loves his games on his laptop computer and how they turn on him is a ghostly manner...Its a true story by
The story goes like this:
Downstairs in the basement of my new house in Mississauga, Ontario. I was on the computer playing some games when suddenly, I heard some footsteps and the door opening. I went upstairs to see who it was, however there was no one there. So, I went back downstairs, shut the games website and shut off the computer. Suddenly, the computer turned back on! I thought that was weird...I closed the computer down once again, but this time I got a message on the computer's screen - saying - "I'm looking at you". I was very freaked out. I didn't shut down the computer this time, I just ran upstairs. When I got upstairs, I thought it might have been someone playing a joke, but I was very very wrong. I ran upstairs to my room where my sister was and I told her what happened. She obviously didn't believe me. But it truly did happen to me... Saman.

I hope you enjoy a little scary tale by Saman for the October month of Halloween.
Your Wendy...

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✨Tiny little door found in a Tree ✨

Tiny little door found in a Tree
Good Evening my dears, I have found a magical little story in the woods of Kansas. It happened in the deep wooded trees of Kansas. In a little park called ‘Overland’.  A family happened to be walking through these woods, were about to discover something very special & enchanted in this little park called ‘Overland’. What this family discovered in the Park was something pretty incredible that was within the woods on the outskirts of the city of Kansas. It started as a strange yet magical dwelling that began appearing almost overnight. As more visitors began uncovering the magick of the discovery, they started uncovering the tiny little doors along the Tomahawk Creek Trail, that was in this Overland Park. And these miniature entrances were carefully concealed in the trunks of many trees in the woods. What made it even more magick was, when one would open a tiny door they would often find extraordinary little homes within the trees. The humans and family's that found these magick settlements were dubbed founded by the firefly forest too! It appeared to be the home to an enchanting community of magick creatures or perhaps group of faeries or a colony of elves...Not surprisingly the word got out and the local children were delighted with magick creatures that were living in their park. However, some wondered just how these tiny homes came to be? Some just couldn't just believe it was just magick. As children do...or adults that never forgotten what it’s like to believe! When I did discover this story, I was so excited at the possibility of fairy homes but as I read on finding out that it was a magick project by a woman who needed a way to help herself and her children from a painful divorce. And how she helps so many others with her Magick Project with so many children and families in need I just had to share Robyn Frampton Magick Story…This is her Story… Robyn is a single mom who just moved near Overland Park in 2012, seeking a place of peace after a very stressful divorce for her and her young boys Parker and Tyler who were also having a hard time coping with the separation in divorce.
In this story of the Faerie homes, Robyn explains ‘In the beginning she and her children didn’t do this for other folks, it was actually a short film about the forest called ‘The Gnomist. This short film was for her and her two boys to get through the pain of divorce & to stay in that wonderment of child fantasy for a little while longer. At first Robyn had built the tiny homes to help her young sons to cope with painful realities of separation that comes with divorce. However, over a course of time the people of the small town started to notice the park within the forest, in turn it became a popular landmark with the local community. You could say the magick had spread throughout the forest and the park of Overland. You may wonder how this happened? Well, people just need a little nudged to believe in the Unknown and the Unseen of the world of Magick. It also gave the folks of the suburbs of Kanas, to overcome their life of routine. The tiny magick homes gave the neighbor’s something to bond with together.
In this I mean the colorful tiny homes, in the trees, made by Robyn.
Indeed, both young and old were enchanted by these trees with the bright colored doors and the incredible detail with the trees as well.

Robyn had decorated every room she had made, in all the tree homes with miniature beds and pocket-size furniture, to give there was positive hints that they had fairy occupants. There was a teeny kitchen that had even placed a little kettle on the boil, using dry ice to create steam. All of these touches were like a magnet, which kept the towns people coming back for more. There was so many things that the residents of the town loved about the forest of the fairies –
It contained a tiny house where the people could actually leave notes for the fairies. So many visitors to the Firefly forest would leave messages for the fairies, that were clipped to the tree, which Robyn would gather up when no one was around.
 After a while the word of Robyn’s Frampton fairies’ houses gone around and spread to many other families outside of their small community. So many were coming to visit the enchanted community of fairy houses.

However, there was one family that came to Robyn’s fairy forest that was truly magical for them. This would be the Fisher family. The reason for the special trip to the Firefly Forest is sadly the family had lost their youngest 3yr old daughter Allie to brain cancer. The couple often visits the forest with their daughter Kelly to reminisce about Allie who loved nothing more than the great outdoors
Allie had been especially fond of owls, and so her family had nicknamed her ‘little Owl.’ Once, then Fisher left a note in the Firefly Forest in memory of her daughter and she had signed it off with the words ‘I love you Little Owl.’ Robyn upon finding the note, new exactly what she needed to do. So she immediately thought was to make a special door for Allie. So the next time the family came to visit they would have a wonderful heartwarming surprised. Apparently Robyn also told CNN too… When Robyn finished Allie’s little door it was set in its very own hollow trunk of a tree. It was painted green and set with a tiny gold owl. Perfect for the little girl that loved owls and for her memory too.

Sadly, over time the forest hasn’t enjoyed a happy ending. But there is a happy ending to this story I do promise you that…It would seem at the height of the tiny fairy homes popularity, Parks Director Greg Ruether had expressed concerns over them and who would be responsibility for maintaining them all? After much talks I would guess the Park Director decreed that all the tiny fairy homes and buildings must be removed from the woods altogether. So that was the end of the Gnomist forest magick project. So Robyn and her family packed down all the tiny fairy homes and were off to a new life in Utah. But as I promised that isn’t the end of
Robyn’s Magick story of the fairy homes and her project that grew much bigger. This is why there was one fairy door that Robyn refused to take down. And that was Allie’s fairy door, so her family could always have that door to come and visit their ‘little owl’ as they would lovely call her. Soon many other children would benefit her magical work that started with her own healing and that of her children too. And that of the kindness that she refused to take down a fairy door for a family who had a great lost. Robyn Magick works of the Gnomist project had support and fans around the world, which brought her to her next huge project… destined for a children’s hospital in Salt Lake City…  She is amazing woman that turned a horrible time in her life to a positive one. Then decided to help so many with her love of the magick of fairy homes … I love story… Here is a link that I found that is wonderful, which shows more of what I have found, plus what she is doing now...Enjoy.. I found a video or two there

This is where I found the original story...
     I hope that you Enjoy the Story
as much as I have my dears...
Much love to you all my dears

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💖✨💖HOME MOVIES-2016💖✨💖

Well, I thought since I had so many posts for movies such as my...Saturday night at the movies...FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES...And so many other movie Posts, that I would make one more for the 2016. I Know that you all enjoy a good movie to just sit back with a good snack and a soda, drink or beer. So I will try my best to find new ones and also movies that wont disappear.
However, always remember that I always check on my video's every 3 weeks or so to make sure if any of them were taken off...And if so I do fix them by either delete or added another one in its place. So I hope that you enjoy the Movie Time that I try to provided for you all my dears.. a little mix of everything.. Always your friend Wendy

I am sorry for putting this video in but I just
had to because of Matthew the hurricane and
the many climate changes in the last few years
I hope that you don't feel ill of me... I just want
to give you all a warning of what is to come. Wendy


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Well, its October already! So I thought I would do a post on one of my favorite Flowers of the summer...Lavender!
Did you know that there are thirty-nine species of Lavender! I myself had no idea...I have only two different kinds of lavender. Spanish lavender and Munstead lavender. The two are very different mind you and I really find the Munstead lavender much more useful than the Spanish as far as an use for making your own lavender oil. However the Spanish lavender is quite beautiful and lovely scent for the summer. I learned that lavender is use very much as a herb in cooking and in health too! I got to the flower over the summer vacation at my mother house because she has these huge and beautiful bushes of lavender that smell so lovely that when we got home I use had to have lavender in my garden too...Lavender has spikes of bluish purple & blue which are very fragrant tiny flowers a top tall thin stems. Which are surround by mounds of either grayish blue or light or darker green leaves. They are primarily cultivated in Provence France. They say that these flowers prefer an sandy, coarse soil, with very good drainage plus lots of sun. however, I have lavender [Munstead lavender & Spanish lavender] with just the good coarse potting soil and they are doing fine. You just have to be careful not to over water or underwater. Its a delicate balance you might say...I am concern however what to do during the winter months here in WA. state so I will include a website link for you all if you happen to be in a area of very cold or very raining and wet like myself. Hints;
Hardy Zones 4-9
Mature Height: 12-16

Begin in the fall by inspecting your plantings and prune off any dead, limp or unsightly growth. This is not the best time to give your plant a hard pruning for those of you with cold harsh freezing winters. If you are blessed with healthy plants you may not need to do any pruning until spring.
You also will want to make sure that there are no winter debris such as autumn leaves or plant
Material from nearby plants smothering your Lavender. A pile of leaves will get dampened
by winter precipitation and hold moisture in which will cause disease, die back or even kill your lavender plant. Even though it is winter you will need to see that good air circulation is maintained.
Try to avoid leaving your plants under a pile of damp snow fro a very long time. Some of you that live in areas where there is frequent freezing and thawing with creates dampness. If you had planted your Lavender in fast draining soil then applying a layer of mulch will help regulate soil temperatures.
It also ok for the ground to be frozen for the cold hardy types. Its the freezing thawing , freezing thawing that sometimes causes problems due to all the moisture accumulation and water runoff around the roots. Container plantings may need to be moved inside or to a more sheltered location.
taking the time to plant your lavender correctly from the start with good draining gritty soil is often times the best winter preparation of all to assure you see those purple flowers bloom again come spring. There are different varieties of lavender and some are better suited than others for different
geographical regions so don't be sad if you have lost your plant the first time around 

You can always grow your favorite Lavender in a pot and then overwinter it inside or in a sheltered garden shed as long as you provide an adequate light source. Learn more about growing Lavender indoors. Taking care to follow a few simple preparations allows you to return the favor and provide winter stress relief for your Lavender.
This link is where I got the info above...enjoy....
They say that Lavender is considered to be a powerful herb that attracts energy of a high vibrational nature. Also it is said to be good for-a nervine relaxant muscle relaxant and antidepressant among other things... But I would ask your doctor about anything before using something like that before for these more serious ailments.
Lavender is also used for many uses in meditation too...Some ancient traditional uses were; Burns,
In the birthing rooms, To bless homes; Wreaths for newly married couples and finally hung in bunches throughout homes to dispel flies and mosquitoes.
Today-Lavender is used in so many ways; Like that of bath soaps, linen closet, perfumes, tea, flower extract, eye pillows, bath oils, essential oils for relaxation or folks that have migraine's like myself and finally cooking dishes.
Over the many years I have found lavender, mint and spearmint to be very useful in the essential oil form for my migraines that I have had since I was 13years old.
What I have done over the years is just put a couple of drops of the lavender oil on my finger then, massage into my temples being very careful not to get into my eyes. This can bring great relief to folks who gets them quite often.
History of Lavender~
According to Ancient Lore it is believed that King Solomon Ruler of Jerusalem from 971-931BC chose lavender to be included in his holy water because of its reputation to cleanse and purify.
So my dears I thought I would go once again to my King James Version of the Holy Bible and look for Songs of Solomon to see if there is anything about essential oils or maybe written in a different way...
Song of Solomon 4:10 How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is they love
than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!
Song of Solomon 1:3 Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured
forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.

These were two scripture from my own bible that I could find that had to do with essential oils back in biblical times...
Well, now I thought I would share my own recipe to making Lavender oil...I used my own lavender flowers and Jasmine flowers.
1-First pick as many dry lavender flowers from your garden. If you happen to have a jasmine tree you can add them too. Which I did. Just slowly add the dry flowers in a clean glass jar. till full or when you have no more flowers left at the end of the fall.
2- Once you have gathered as many dried flowers as you want or as you have-make sure that you have cut them from the long stems of the lavender flowers. If you are doing the jasmine flowers they are very easy just drop them in. Then get a Jar that you want to use for making yur essential oil and make sure it is clean and very dry. Add all the flowers and pack the lavender & jasmine into the clean jar.
3-Then its time to go to the herbal store. There is where you will find a good essential oil to pour over all the dry flowers cover and screw tie.
I found a rose oil but you can use any kind of oil you want. The one hint I would give you is don't get an essential oil that is to strong because you want to be able to smell your flowers after the 2-4months it is been sitting in the oil.. So you might as your local herbal store person for a little help.. So after you get home with your essential oil carefully pour all the oil on the flowers till they are all cover or even an inch above them. close tied and leave it on your counter top where it will be safe for that 2-4 month time. I would also write on the top what you have done on the top.. and the dates too. That way you know when you can open it. After the time you strain the flowers and get another clean jar for the new oil you have made and there you go..
4-Now if you don't have a garden or flowers you still can do this fun activity - At your local herbal stores they should have the flowers too.
If you want you can even put some of your oil in the tiny essential oil jars too.
I hope you all have fun with this... I now I did and my jar is still sitting😄💖
lavender chocolate truffles-
Well, lastly how one cooks with lavender. I thought you all might like this one that I found,
the Lavender Chocolate Truffles. The darkness of the chocolate and the fragrance of the lavender
just goes together in my book...
12 ounces bittersweet chocolate
1cup heavy cream
1teaspoon dried lavender
1cup unsweetened cocoa
Make the Truffles-
Grate the chocolate in a bowl
Bring the cream and lavender to a simmer in a small
sauce pan for 1min, then strain out the lavender pieces.
Add the lavender cream mixture to the chocolate (which you should put in metal bowl)
stir to melt stir slowly.
Mix it well. Chill for at least 3 hours
Then roll into 1inch balls(I would use a 1inch ice cream scoop).
I would also put them on wax paper so they don't stick. later roll the
truffles into cocoa or anything else you would like.
Makes 24 Truffles.... Enjoy..

Well, my dears I hope you all enjoyed my
second post and I am truly try to get back on track.
I love you all so very much
Your Friend always Wendy

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